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Prints vs Digitals

Prints vs Digitals

Why buy prints when you can just get the digitals after a photo session? Digitals last forever right? Wrong. Digital images are not really archival, meaning-depending on where you store them, you might lose everything. Canvases, framed prints, albums, they're all meant to be enjoyed by the next generation, who wouldn't want to walk by their beautiful baby/family/pet's photos everyday? Having photos on the wall is a reminder. Children grow up, Fast, those photos should make you smile and remember that moment at that age. In my house, there are photos everywhere, not just because I like taking pictures but because I want to remember those moments, even the silly ones, I want to remember how little hair my oldest had at 2 years old and how my youngest was toothless up until she turned 1 and how they both laugh at each other when they look at one another. Those are the things I want to remember and I see that everyday I walk through my house. So what good are those images doing you sitting in a drawer, rarely viewed. Sure you can go them printed somewhere for almost nothing, but you get what you pay for, alot of the time the quality of those inexpensive print services is pretty bad. They are also not meant to last long, the material is of low quality, I don't know about anyone else but I want to pass on these memories. Simply put, let the professional help you to choose a high quality product, something that will last and stand out as well. You wouldn't hire a plumber and then install the sink yourself...okay bad analogy but you get the idea! I love and encourage wall art so much that I actually Give the digital image of whatever print is purchased to share online with friends and family. Because sometimes you just have to show off that toothy grin to everyone you ever met-immediately. Put some art on your walls.




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